SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

The World for the Two of Us   

Japanese Diaㅣ English/Korean Sub
Kashou Iizuka


One day, Yui Konno, who works at a nursery school, and Shinya Kobori, who runs a lunch box shop, fell in love. They started dating and promise to get married in the future. However, one day. It turned out that Shinya was a transgender (used to live as a woman) and cannot officially marry or have own children. Yui, who loves children and dreams of having a family, wonders if she should stay with Shinya or not. However, the two had de facto marriage and started living together. A few years later, Yui was unable to give up her dream of having a child and a family. She started to have doubts about her life with Shinya, and Shinya found out about her anxiety and he decided to leave her and the two started to live separately. Yui, who had always dreamed of having a child, tries to get pregnant with her new partner, while Shinya lives a quiet life with his gay friend.Both felt that their daily lives are lacking in some way. In the end, Yui failed to get pregnant and at the same time, Shinya also couldn’t forget about her, so they decided to get back together. Then they asked a gay friend to donate his sperm, and Yui began fertility treatments again. However, it did not go well. But still they really wanted to have their own child, so they made a decision to let Shinya gives birth to a child instead of Yui.

11/05(Fri) 17:20 ART3
11/08(Mon) 15:10 ART1