SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

Asia Pride Section

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The section that helps us realize the issues of sexual minorities in contemporary Asian countries and predict the future of our society via Asian films
Programmer’s recommendations : Darling, Adjustment

Asia Pride Section introduce diverse queer films produced in Asian Countries, including Taiwan, Türkiye, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, India, etc. The distinct and colorful stories of sexual minorities from diverse Asian societies and cultures offer special experiences to our audiences.

Darling is directed by Director Saim Sadiq who earned Queer Palm at Cannes with Joyland. Director Sadiq directed Darling before directing Joyland, both of which present great directing skills and Sadiq’s own unique view of the world. If watched with Joyland, which will be screened in New Pride Section, audiences can enjoy the exclusive tone of the director. Adjustment directed by Mehrdad Hassani, is one of the highly recommended films in 2022’s Asia Pride Section as Director Hassani’s individualism harmonized with the unique intrinsic color of Iranian film. Also, the film was greatly influenced by Iranian virtuoso Abbas Kiarostami, and delivers short but fierce and clear messages by presenting irrational aspects of the society from a young child’s viewpoint.

Besides these films, audiences can watch diverse Asian queer films in 2022’s Asia Pride Section. Departure and The Morning After by Eddie Chen, and THE MEN WHO WAIT by Minh Quý Truong are distinctive short films where audiences can enjoy directors’ amazing directing ability. Also, Stiletto: A Pink Family Tragedy directed by Can Merdan doğan presents attractive comedy, MAKASSAR IS A CITY FOR FOOTBALL FANS directed by Khozy Rizal shows an intensive and intriguing story.

As such, 2022’s Asia Pride Section will provide special opportunities for our audiences to look into the lives of diverse Asan sexual minorities, to share their hardships, and to enjoy many exclusive and competent works of Asian directors.