SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Open Pride Section

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The section that introduces films dealing with diverse values and rights beyond sexual minorities, and helps people to realize the value of coexistence and cooperation

Programmer’s recommendations : The Three-legged Race, Love, 100℃, Shall We Take a Walk?, Wonder

SIPFF created Open Pride Section in 2017 in order to report the rights of social minorities other than sexual minorities, and to notify the possibilities of coexistence and cooperation. In 2018, Open Pride Section dealt with the issue of “conscious objection against military service and permission of substitute military service” with Amnesty International; in 2019, it designed special screenings by collaborating with “KARA,” an activist group protecting animal right; in 2020, with the support of “Migration to Asia Peace (MAP),” it dealt with the issues of refugees, and crew the films of these issues; in 2021; reflecting the 35th anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear accident and the 10the anniversary of Fukushima nuclear accident, SIPFF screen the films that presented the significance of “enucleation” with “No Nuke News.”

2022 SIPFF will proceed with this year’s Open Pride Section with Seoul Disabled People’s Rights Film Festival(SDPRFF). SDPRFF is a media movement group started in 2003 in order to spread the progressive movement of disabled people into the public. They make great efforts to make the society where no one gets ignored by reporting independent lives and the reality of disabled people, recording to screening the movement of disabled people via media. To work in tandem with this effort of SDPRFF, SIPFF defied to work with the in this year’s Open Pride Section.

2022 Open Pride Section will screen diverse films theming around “disability,” and unfolding the stories of coexistence and unity. The films our audiences should pay social attention to are the documentary films dealing with the issue of the mobility rights of disabled.

Hurly-burly journey to jeju (directed by A-young Min) shows the hidden side of the convenient world established for non-disabled people by presenting the journey of disabled people getting on the flight to Jeju. Wheeling-in Rush hour subway (directed by Ho-kyoung Jang) displays the struggle for riding subway in rush hour run by Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination, and bare the discrimination and hatred toward disabled people in our society. Another main film nevertheless (directed by Min-gu Jung) betrays divergent interests emerged after shutting down the residential home for disabled people, and the problems disabled and non-disabled come across as they coexist. The film also provides the opportunity for us to contemplate the ways for better coexistence. Audiences can enjoy Hurly-burly journey to jeju, Wheeling-in Rush hour subway, and nevertheless at once site with ‘Three films for movement’ project.

Besides these films, other great films will be screened in 2022 Open Pride Section: Shall We Take a Walk? (directed by Young-geun Kim and Ye-young Kim), an animation that shows the world a visually impaired person sees realistically and fantastically; The Three-legged Race (directed by Jin-woo Lee) which presents keen sights on the life where disabled and non-disabled person; and Wonder (directed by Stephen Chbosky) where you can enjoy great acting and smile of fabulous Julia Roberts.

We sincerely believe that this year’s Open Pride Section will offer valuable chances for people to contemplate better ways to move forward with wider perspectives, through coexistence and solidarity.