SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

sexy, moving, young, harmonious!

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SIPFF has established a special domestic program that supports individuals and groups who create queer films independently since 2022, and ‘Queer Film Making Workshop - Saekdong’ (QFMW Saekdong) was selected as its first group.

QFMW Saekdong is an autogenous workshop for creating queer short films formed by four new gay directors with various jobs and ages (from the 20s to 50s). With their pure passion toward films, they had studied the basics of film making and practiced manufacturing for a year, and have completed directing four films with different themes, forms, and subject matter.

Our Lucky Night (directed by Kim Sang-baeg), Happy Ending (directed by Winter Jung), D. O. V. (directed by Jay Park), and LATEX (directed by Rahan) will be screened in the Korea Pride Section - Non Competition. Each film contains the director’s unique viewpoint, individualism, and passion for movies.

The purpose of QFMW Saekdong is to share the pleasure of creating the films delivering the director’s voices with everyone. SIPFF respects such diverse voices and encourages the development of Korean queer films, so it will continue this special domestic supporting program.