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Come, Closer

Korea┃2010┃108min┃Color┃Drama, Romance┃18+
Korean DiaㅣEnglish Sub

KIM Jong-kwan


In a quiet, secluded cafe on a tree-lined street in autumn, a strange man calls a woman named Anna. Grusiec is a polish man from Rotterdam. His voice, tinged with anxiety, asks, “Why did she go without a word?” Sae-yeon’s new love is gay. They have their first sex secretly. It is strange and odd, but it doesn’t matter. That’s because her heart leaps… One rainy evening, Hyeon-oh finally breaks down before Eun-hee who obsesses over him like a stalker and shouts at him. She says she cannot find another love because of him. They part, but is their relationship really over? Un-cheol is told by Yeong-soo that he has another love. Ju-yeong’s silly talk about a man makes Hye-yeong feel love that is tiring…… Love is not easy.

11/08(Tue) 17:35 Megabox Seongsu 5