SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

2024 Film Submisson
Information. Entry Offer

Seoul International Pride Film Festival will provide a chance to experience(meet) various sexual minorities' stories from all around the world by professionally screening films that are not easily accessible in Korean Society. Also, we plan to improve the quality of environment to make Queer films and we take a role of supporting to make and release of queer films that will expand of Korean society's cultural diversity.


Seoul International Pride Film Festival is for a place where sexual minorities who live in South Korea and people who support and cheer human rights of sexual minorities being together.

Thus '2024 Seoul International Pride Film Festival' is waiting and opening for films that contain sexual minorities' various stories (such as lives, loves, violence, discriminations) and social structural issues/alternatives. We expect to hear a lot from you and please feel free to participate!


2024. 04. 11(Thu.) ~ 2023. 07. 21(Sun.)


1. 2024 Seoul International Pride Film Festival

2. Program

  1) Domestic and Overseas Invitation Selection

   : Programmers will choose films by their themes or subjects and program it for the invitation and screening.

  2) Official Selection

   : Films officially selected for the 2023 Seoul Pride Film Festival will be chosen by the Programmers with consideration 

     of the festival's purpose.


Do you charge submission fees?

No, there is no submission fee.

Does my film need English subtitles?

Yes. When the language of your film is not English, your film must have English subtitles for our consideration.

Can I submit a rough cut?

Please send your film in the most complete and finished form possible.



Announcement of Official Selections 

Only selected entrants will be reached via email by festival coordinators respectively by end of July, 2023. 

※ For more information, check Entry Rules & Regulations page.